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A Sunny Morning at Peterborough Market

This week I have been taking my camera for a walk, exploring my hometown and taking full advantage of the spectacular weather. My first destination was Peterborough Market, in the heart of the city. Born and bred in Peterborough, the market holds a special place in my heart, with memories of trying so hard to be on my best behaviour so I can visit the sweet stall to get a bag of ‘mixed fizzies’. More recently its been lovely visiting with my own children to pick up some of the freshest fruit and vegetables you’ll find in the city, and watching them experience this hive of activity filled with colours, scents, and sounds.

This local institution in the heart of the city has an atmosphere all of its own; within the labyrinth of stalls you can find exotic produce, artisanal cakes, every kind of tool and fixture you can imagine, and even some incredible pieces of art created by local residents. Walk across to the food hall and a fantastic array of fresh fish, meat (where else are you going to get your gizzards and wood pigeon?) and other delights are on offer for you to eschew the plastic wrapped supermarket meat in favour of some real flavours.

Finally, when you’ve filled your bags (canvas, of course) with your weekly shop at a fraction of the cost it would be at one of the big shops, you can find a whole host of cafés and stalls selling food from around the globe, with places to sit and watch the world go by.

The market is something we should treasure, giving shoppers a friendly, personal service that you won’t find in supermarkets or shopping centres. Instead of being told to ‘please place the item in the bagging area’, you’ll be told stories of where your items came from, how to get the most out of the produce you’re buying, and a friendly smile and wave that’ll leave you waiting for the next market day to come back and find some new treasures.

This Saturday, 21st July, the fantastic Peterborough Market will be hosting the first Peterborough Food and Music Festival. This new event will feature scrumptious food, live music from Peterborough acts, and cooking demonstrations. There is also the opportunity to apply for a rent-free stall during the month of August. This is a fabulous opportunity for more independent small businesses to showcase their offerings and become a part of this wonderful community. Follow the link below to find out more;


You can find almost anything at the market.

Exploring this hive of scents, colours, and sounds.


The freshest produce from local suppliers.


Glorious handmade artisan cakes and other delicious baked goods available at Victoria’s Sponge House.

Service with a smile from the great team at Woodland Butchers.

Fantastic artwork and unique prints are also found in this treasure trove.

The fantastic personalities of the stall holders make this market so special.

The friendly faces at Woodland Butchers.

Meet some interesting characters.

Peterborough Market


Find your own style at the market.













Many of the stallholders have been here for several years and you can feel the warmth that they have for their customers.

Whatever the weather the market is a brilliant place to visit, the sunshine just emphasises the magic.

Tucked away from the fluorescent lights of Queensgate, the market is a breath of fresh air.

Where else would you buy your Jamaican string vest?

Colours, textures, you’ll find it all here.

A perfect place to go treasure hunting.